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Karen is passionate about supporting you in both your personal and professional development in order to reach your best self.

Through her experiences as a leader in the workplace, Karen has a history of successfully coaching individuals through mindset coaching methods to support them in becoming their best self and having nothing get in their way.

Karen has experienced many changes in life including career changes, moving, starting up a new life, marriage, and finding ways to live her passions every day. Though there are the inevitable ups and downs, her path has led her to dedicate her coaching practice to people who want to design and live the life of their dreams.

Top executives, business owners, and motivated entrepreneurs from around the world flock to Karen to change their game from merely participating in life to embrace their rightful place of winning big and changing the world.

Combining neuroscience, quantum physics, and working with the subconscious, Karen uncovers the limiting thoughts and patterns that are preventing the change you seek in your life. This gives you the cutting edge you need to succeed at having whatever your heart desires.

Karen doesn’t just talk a good game – she’s created multi-million dollar businesses of her own from scratch and taken them through to sublimely successful exit strategies. The diversity of her knowledge allows insight for entrepreneurs in all areas of business, so she gets what is of concern and her vast experience means she can turn challenges you face into useful mindful shifts that can you can readily use to your advantage and for your highest good.

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