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B Lavigne

Karen is a special woman with numerous talents. One in particular which stands out is her ability to help people through framing through her own personal experiences which guide people to the solution to their problems of whatever they are dealing with in their lives. I have consulted with Karen on my business and personal life, and in one phone call, Karen helped me with a problem I had been struggling with for months.

Not only is she a world class coach, she has a huge heart which is really apparent in her interactions. I would thoroughly recommend her to help you breakthrough whatever you are facing.

B Lavigne, Entrepreneur | British Columbia, Canada

Gabriella Lowe

I reached out to Karen at a critical time. I was trying to be everything to everyone and failing miserably in all aspects of my life. To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement. She helped me immediately identify that while I was working "hard," I wasn't focusing on what I really wanted to be doing.  She helped me make a number of huge life decisions and manifest the exact scenario I wanted. Not only was everyone incredibly supportive, but it opened the door to view my life (and more importantly my time) in an entirely new way. Now I can focus on being all I need to be for me, and as I am filled up, I then have plenty of reserves for my loved ones and other important people and things in my life.  Karen’s no bullshit attitude, positive energy, and true-life experience make her the most incredible coach I've ever worked with. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a sounding board or is ready to make a big change in their life.

Gabriella Lowe | New York, USA

Jacqui Fitzgerald

Within just a few minutes of my first conversation with Karen, she identified the areas where I was holding myself back. She got straight to the cause of all my limiting beliefs and we began the work to overcome them all. After working with her, I have a better understanding of myself and a sense of empowerment to achieve my personal and professional goals. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking to remove obstacles and reach your greatest potential!

Jacqui FitzgeraldBusinesswomanSan Diego, USA

Amy Carroll

Karen came into my life when I was faced with overwhelming uncertainty in multiple areas of my life. She was able to calm my fears by giving me the tools I needed to overcome all my obstacles. I'm happy to say that after working with her, I have a newfound sense of confidence, certainty, and comfort in my decisions. Karen is now a lifelong friend who continues to encourage me to take risks and trust in myself.

Amy Carroll | Hawaii, USA

Mariana Taylor

Karen helped me negotiate the biggest job offer of my life. She worked with me to essentially identify and then create my dream job. Through her coaching me to finding my core and personal values, and how they could translate into my career, none of this would have ever been possible.

Mariana Taylor Boston, USA

M. Asahara

After working with Karen, I was empowered to make major change in my career- which resulted in positive effects, not only at work but at home. I am grateful for the difference Karen made to my life and my family.

M. Asahara, CEO |Tokyo, Japan

Amy Siegal

I wasn't really unhappy with my life when I first began working with Karen - but she was able to uncover limiting beliefs that had kept me on a career path that didn't allow me to achieve my potential without sacrificing time with my family. Now I'm more confident in my decisions and know I'm 100% in control of my destiny.

Amy Siegal, Businesswoman Singapore

Paula Johnston

Karen is the ultimate coach, cheerleader, and listener.
She is an incredible motivator and always leaves me inspired and looking forward to our next connection!

Paula Johnston Melbourne, Australia

Stephanie Glenn

Karen is a spiritual, manifestation and professional development rockstar! She single-handedly introduced and forever changed my perspective on mindfulness, manifestation and my own spiritual path.  Her pace of new concept introduction is spot on - not too much too soon - but perfectly timed to meet you on your own personalized journey.

Stephanie Glenn Chicago, USA

Christina Rosen

Karen has been a great help in my career progression and putting it in the perspective of life as a whole.
She took the time to listen to what I was saying and asked leading questions to dig deeper to really understand not only what I was saying- but what was really in my heart.

Christina Rosen Toronto, Canada

Alex Haven

After working with Karen, I was empowered to go after what I wanted with the knowledge and sense of self to work through hurdles and stay true to my direction. Karen will give you the tools to be successful in all areas of your life and much more.

Alex Haven Switzerland

Peter Fritz

Karen was instrumental in my path from a high-stress, low- reward job to my now fulfilling roll of owning my own business. She not only gave me support and constant reassurance that I could make the transition- but did it in a way that put me at ease. Karen’s business knowledge and expertise helped me build the business into a multi-million dollar organisation, and I am no longer slave to my boss. Karen also trained me how to be an exemplary leader and my staff and management team to be continually at the top of their game.

Peter Fritz Berlin, Germany


Karen is a strong and intuitive coach. She'll keep you accountable and delivers the goods with a robust set of tools. She's non-judgmental yet firm. She pushes with great insights while making you feel safe, comfortable and at home. If you're willing to do the work, she'll deliver what you actually need to lift your game.

K.Manhas, CEO Vancouver, Canada

Dr G Micklethwaite

Karen is a very experienced coach and highly intuitive. She uses a blend of methodologies to get to the root of any mental, emotional or physical problem. Karen helped me to let go of some pain in my hip that I had been holding onto for 25 years. She drilled down and eventually told me it was related to a business deal from my past when I felt I’d been short-changed. About a month later, I met both the businessmen involved and no longer held any bad feelings towards them. In fact, we all went out for dinner and talked about the good old days. The pain left my body and has never returned!

Dr. G Micklethwaite Australia


Working with Karen as my coach has been a truly honest experience; she is a confident, beautiful lady who holds a wonderful gift of sharing her knowledge, insights and wisdom in a way that inspires others to think and feel for themselves.

Jamie, Health and Wellness Practitioner | Melbourne, Australia

R. Palahey

I have had coaching for years, and with those who work directly with some very high profile clients. Karen was the only coach where I saw actual results. In her authenticity, kindness and clear guidance, that really gets to the heart of the matter, she supersedes anyone I have worked with in the coaching realm. I have seen outcomes in my life that have changed me and my life for the better, impacting those who I know and love and am still yet to meet. I am truly grateful for the energy, depth and vast experience that this remarkable lady brings to the world. Thank you Karen!

R. Palahey, Company Director and Entrepreneur London, UK

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